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Housing and accommodation

Are you familiar with booking accommodation online? Do you prefer to stay in hotels or use couchsurfing or Airbnb? Do you know that housing problem is one of the most popular subjects around the world! Come this Sunday at 12 o'clock and discuss 'Housing and accommodation'! Let's discuss your dream space together!

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Superstitions and urban legends

Have you known that many countries have a belief that the phase of the moon is crucial when planning something. Thus, it is better to schedule an English club meeting this Sunday at 12 o'clock during the waxing period of the moon! We will discuss a controversial topic "Superstitions and urban legends". Exciting videos, debates and new vocabulary are waiting for you!

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Excuse me, do you have a minute? Join our meeting this Sunday at 12:00 and discuss a topic that we usually do not have time to speak about. So, we are going to speak about… «Time»! Let's have an exciting time together!

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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, we are surrounded by Android devices and chat bots. Smart electronics and internet of things are essential parts of our life. So it is not a surprise that some of us live like robots - mechanically efficient, but with no awareness. Are you afraid of raise of the machines? Come this Sunday at 12:00 o'clock to discuss a new high-tech topic "Robots and Artificial Intelligence"!

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Sport and Sport Activities

Are you keen on sport? NO!? If so, you still have some time to start and prepare for the next meeting! We are going to discuss "Sport and Sport Activities". Exciting videos, questions and new vocabulary are waiting for you! Be ready to share some details about the sport you enjoy. Same place, 12 o'clock in the morning. Ready Steady Go!

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My summer vacation

We know that you have been waiting for this so long. And we have an announcement to make! The first Autumn English in kupchino Speaking club meeting is going to take place this Sunday!
Come to join us at 12:00 on the 3th of September, and discuss your Summer vacation.

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Do you believe that you can do more than you think? Sometimes it is better to stop thinking and start doing! This time we are ready to inspire you and would like to discuss such topic as "Motivation". Join our meeting this Sunday on the 14th of May at 12:00! Together we can do it! And... YES, WE CAN!

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