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A real bargain

Sale! Sale! Sale! - on all shop displays. Would you buy it? Come this Sunday at 12-00 and discuss "A real bargain" topic. Let's check who is a penny pincher person or ready to pay over the odds? 

P.S. If you'd like to be on a horse on the meeting, so read the article by the link - www.iroy.in/bargaining

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Wake up! It's party time! Are you rock? Come this Sunday at 12-00 to enjoy the company and english babbling on the "Party" topic.

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Friends and friendship

They are the best people in the World, because they are our friends. Come this Sunday at 12-00 to speak in English and have fun with us. We are going to discuss "Friends and friendship" topic. Do not forget to invite your friends to our club.

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Good mood or wake me up!

Are you ready to get up and enjoy every morning? Or feel under the weather this autumn days? Come at 12 o'clock this Sunday and get a free hug in English in Kupchino Speaking Club! We have prepared a bunch of videos and other activities to fight against stress and autumn depression! "Good mood or wake me up!" is a new optimistic topic.

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Movie discussion: Home Alone (1990)

Have you got New Year mood? Not yet? So, in any case, come this Sunday at 12-00 and get a portion of positive. We are going to watch "Home alone" and discuss future holidays. A cup of hot cacao with marshmallows is waiting for you.

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This time we are ready to involve you in a new discussion meeting and share even more positive and excitement!
Are you in trend? Or maybe you're fancy as we are? Come this Sunday to discuss "Fashion" and .. SUIT UP! It's going to be legen (wait for it) dary!

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Hobbies: creative life

Could you make an amazing thing from nothing? Are you spending your free time usefully? Come this Sunday at 12-00 and show us the results of your hobbies. Let's talk about the "Hobbies: creative life" topic.

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Food & Eating

What time do you usually drink tea on Sundays? We know that you do it in English in Kupchino Speaking club at half past one! This time is also not an exception! Come at 12 O'clock to discuss "Food & Eating"!
Be ready to describe your favorite dish and make our mouths water!

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