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Sport and Sport Activities

Are you keen on sport? NO!? If so, you still have some time to start and prepare for the next meeting! We are going to discuss "Sport and Sport Activities". Exciting videos, questions and new vocabulary are waiting for you! Be ready to share some details about the sport you enjoy. Same place, 12 o'clock in the morning. Ready Steady Go!


Say your name,
What do you do to keep fit?

Watch and discuss Video 1


1. Do you like to exercise?
2. What is a Russian national sport? Do you like it?
3. Have you ever been to watch a professional sporting event? A soccer or hockey game?
4. What do you think the top five most watched sports are in the world?
5. Have you ever been skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, banjo jumping?
6. What is the most expensive sport?
7. What's a sport that you don't like?
8. What new sports would you like to try?

Watch and discuss Video 2. 

Workout Vocabulary

Squat - to position yourself close to the ground balancing on the front part of your feet with your legs bent under your body.

Crouch - to bend your knees and lower yourself so that you are close to the ground and leaning forward slightly.

She saw him coming and crouched (down) behind a bush.

Pelvis - the bones that form a bowl-shaped structure in the area below the waist at the top of the legs, and to which the leg bones and spine are joined.

A woman’s pelvis is usually wider but shorter than a man’s.

Push-up - a physical exercise in which you lie flat with your face towards the floor and try to push up your body with your arms while keeping your legs and your back straight.

ABS - are the same as abdominals

Abdominals - muscles in the abdomen

Abdomen - the lower part of a person's or animal's body, containing the stomach, bowels, and other organs, or the end of an insect's body

Hip - the area below the waist and above the legs at either side of the body, or the joint that connects the leg to the upper part of the body

The skirt was a bit tight across the hips.

Waist - the part of the body above and slightly narrower than the hips

These trousers are a bit tight around my waist.


Before watching next video read and translate lyrics and try to guess who is the singer.

Watch and discuss Video 3

Questions - part two

1. What are some of the benefits of sports?
2. Why are some people not interested in sport?
3. Do you think playing sports helps people work better as a team at work?
4. Do you think everybody should practice sports?
5. Do you prefer playing or watching sports?


Watch and discuss Video 4


1. Do you think athletes earn enough money, not enough money or too much money?
2. Which is more important in sport - winning or taking part? Are you a good loser?
4. What do you think of the famous quote: “Sports do not build character, they reveal it.”?
5. Is it good that professional sports are so commercial nowadays?

 Useful videos 






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