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If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.(c) So, join our meeting this Sunday at 12-00 and tell us all about your favorite dance style or show it.
P.S. special quote:
Dance like no one is watching,
Live like you’ll never be hurt
Sing like no one is listening
Live like it’s heaven on earth.
– William Purkey

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How to complain

Something's gone wrong: annoying colleagues, noisy neighbors, poor service. Do you want to complain? Come this Sunday at 12-00 and discuss "how to complain" expertly and get a positive effect of it.

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The Oscar - Academy awards

Do you know the most popular and spectacular movie award ceremony in the world? So, come this Sunday at 12-00 to talk all about Oscar! P.S. The library will provide a red carpet, but it's not necessary to dress up! 

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New generation

Are you up to the great discussion about the difference into generations? Our topic is "New generation". Come this Sunday at 12-00 to find out how to communicate with youngsters.

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Time Travels

Dear Time Traveler, if you had a chance to read this message, please join our meeting this Sunday. We are going to start as usualle 12 o'clock (11th of March 2018, GMT +3). I hope you would see this invitation and arrive on time. For all our friends - please join our discussion about «Time Travels».

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In the Army

Hooray! Let's celebrate Defenders of the Fatherland day together! This Sunday at 12 O'clock we are going to have an army style English club - In the Army. Be strong and brave, ready to March and to Salute. We wish you happy and peaceful live!

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Money, money always sunny!

"Money, money always sunny!" Come this Sunday at 12 O'Clock to discuss finances and economy issues. Let's make it laid-back and funny! Inspiring videos and discussion questions are waiting for you! 

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Tea vs Coffee

How do you start your day? What kind of beverage do you prefer to chill? What would you drink to warm up? Let me guess the answer is a cup of tea or coffee. So, come this Sunday at 12-00 to find out in the hot arguing what is better "Tea vs Coffee"?

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