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Housing and accommodation

Are you familiar with booking accommodation online? Do you prefer to stay in hotels or use couchsurfing or Airbnb? Do you know that housing problem is one of the most popular subjects around the world! Come this Sunday at 12 o'clock and discuss 'Housing and accommodation'! Let's discuss your dream space together!


Say your name,
Do you prefer to live in a house or a flat?

Watch and discuss Video 1


Play board game to answer questons

1. What is your favorite room in your home? Why?
2. Is it a good idea to live in an apartment on the 37th floor? Why? / Why not?
3. Is it better to live downtown or in a suburb? Why?
4. Do you want to move to another apartment / house? Why? / Why not?
5. Is it better to rent a home or to buy a home? Why?
6. Do you like the location of your apartment or house? Why? / Why not?
7. Are there any parks near your home?
8. What kinds of animals make their own homes?
9. Is it easy to find good quality housing in your town?
10. Does government provide housing for people on low or no income?
11. How can housing be made affordable for everyone?

Watch and discuss Video 2

Questions part 2

1. Do you like staying at hotels? Why/why not?
2. What's the longest you've ever stayed at the same hotel? Why were you there for so few/many nights?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying at a B&B, a hotel or a motel?
4. What's the best/worst hotel you've ever stayed at?
5. What's your opinion on buffet-style breakfasts and lunches?
6. Many hotels now have keycards instead of keys to the room. Have you ever lost a key/keycard and had to ask for a replacement?
7. Have you ever eaten anything out of the minibar (the refrigerator with snacks and drinks)? Was it expensive?

Activity 1

Work together to fill APARTMENTS and HOUSES worksheet.


Before watching the next video read and translate lyrics Madness - Our House

Watch and discuss Video 3

Watch and discuss Video 4

Watch and discuss Video 5


1. Would you like to live on a boat? Why? / Why not?
2. What kind of strange or unusual house do you know about?
3. What do you think houses in the future will be like?
4. Have you ever been homesick? have you changed anything in your house recently? If so, what was that?
5. Couch surfing is staying for free at people’s homes in different countries. Is this a good idea or bad idea? Why?
6. What issues will arise with housing of the future?


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