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The Oscar - Academy awards

Do you know the most popular and spectacular movie award ceremony in the world? So, come this Sunday at 12-00 to talk all about Oscar! P.S. The library will provide a red carpet, but it's not necessary to dress up! 


Say your name,
Would you like to be a judge at the Academy Awards? 

Watch and discuss Video 1


Split up into teams and perform movie dialogies scene together with your team. Other teams should guess the name of the movie. You can watch original movie dialogues


1. Do you think the Oscar statue is well-designed?
2. Do you watch the Academy Awards every year?
3. Are there similar awards for movies in Russia?
4. How do you think winning an award changes the career of an actor?
5. Where would you put an Academy Award if you won one?
6. Do you like the speeches at the Awards?
7. What is the most important category in the Academy Awards?

Watch and discuss Video 2

Watch and discuss Video 3


Feel free to use additional materials for your answers

1. How would you react to winning an Oscar?
2. How would you dress for walking on red carpet?
3. At what Academy award category would you like to compete?

 Useful videos 




 Movie dialogues




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