New generation

Are you up to the great discussion about the difference into generations? Our topic is "New generation". Come this Sunday at 12-00 to find out how to communicate with youngsters.


Say your name,
Which generation do you belong to?

Watch and discuss Video 1


1. What identifiable generations do you know?
2. Can we blame social media for the incapability to form deep-meaning relationships?
3. Would you agree that the issue of millennials is caused by “poor parenting strategy”?
4. How do you over come the generation gap?
5. Can you see a generation gap between yourself and the younger generation? What is it concerning?
6. In your own words, define generation gap.
7. What could be some problems with a partnership or marriage of different generations?
8. Are your friends mostly the same age as you are, older or younger? Why?
9. In what ways will Gen Z be different from Millennials?

Watch and discuss Video 

Before watching the next video, answer the following questions:
1. Do you know the age range of Gen Z?
2. What is Gen Z’s preferred method of communication in the workplace?
3. Does Gen Z prefer to work from home or go into an office?
4. What motivates Gen Z in the workplace? (Career or money)
5. How would you describe Gen Z? (a few words) 

Watch and discuss Video 

Watch and discuss Video 4


Watch and discuss Video 5

1. Do you think that your life is easier/harder than your parents? Describe it, please.
2. Are there any real differences in how people from the different generations approach work?
3. Do you think that people from different generations share important characteristics that make them different from people from other generations?
4. What role does technology change play in creating a generation gap?

 Useful videos 





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