In the Army

Hooray! Let's celebrate Defenders of the Fatherland day together! This Sunday at 12 O'clock we are going to have an army style English club - In the Army. Be strong and brave, ready to March and to Salute. We wish you happy and peaceful live!


Say your name,
and where are you from, private!

Before wathcing the next video read and translate a song by Edwin Starr - War what is it good for

Watch and discuss Video 1

Watch and discuss Video 2


1. Is being a soldier compulsory in Russia?
2. Why does Russia have an army?
3. What are some of the jobs that soldiers do?
4. What do you think is the average age for soldiers in the world?
5. Which would you choose to join, the army, navy or air force?
6. What do you think of a career in the army?
7. What do you think of women being in the army?
8. Are armies necessary?

Watch and discuss Video 3

Watch and discuss Video 4

Watch and discuss Video 5


1. What should countries do to prevent conflict when other nations in the world are not trying to bring peace?
2. How could people resolve conflicts instead of through war ?
3. What do you understand by the phrase "might is right" ?
4. What would a world with no armies be like?

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