Tea vs Coffee

How do you start your day? What kind of beverage do you prefer to chill? What would you drink to warm up? Let me guess the answer is a cup of tea or coffee. So, come this Sunday at 12-00 to find out in the hot arguing what is better "Tea vs Coffee"?


Say your name,
Do you drink still water?

Watch and discuss Video 1


Split into two groups: coffee and tea fans

Questions about tea
1. What tea brands do you know? Which is the most traditional?
2. What are the known healthy benefits of tea? Do you believe the claims?
3. How is tea harvested? What are the conditions of the workers who commit to this work? Could you become a tea picker?
4. Is tea a drink for all seasons? Why or why not?
5. Do you like Darjeeling tea?
6. What is the history of tea? Which is your favourite? Why?
7. Have you ever been to a tea room?
8. What do you think will happen to tea in the future?
9. How many varieties of tea do you know? Which are the most popular in Russia?

Questions about coffee
1. Do you care if you have instant or blend coffee?
2. Do you like the smell of coffee?
3. Do you know the difference between arabica coffee and robusta coffee?
4. What is the difference between blend, cappuccino and espresso?
5. Does coffee grown in different parts of the world taste differently?
6. Have you ever tried iced coffee? If ‘yes’ do you like it?
7. Did you drink coffee this morning? Why? / Why not?
8. Can you describe the taste of coffee?
9. What are three good things about coffee?

Watch and discuss Video 2

Activity 1

ROLE PLAY: This role play is to discuss how to settle the impasse between tea plantation workers and owners. Team up with classmates who have been assigned the same role as you. Develop your roles and discuss ideas and “strategies” before the role play begins. Introduce yourself to the other role players before the role play begins.

Role A – Tea plantation worker
A dollar a day is totally ridiculous. You work 12 hours a day. You are treated like a slave. You have a family. The boss drives a Mercedes. Company profits were the highest ever last year. You will strike forever if you have to.
Think of other reasons with your “team” why your wages should be doubled.
Role B – Tea plantation boss
No industry ever doubles its workers’ wages. If these workers don’t want to work, there are other people who will work. The workers should protect the international name of Darjeeling. Money from profits is spent on R & D and international marketing. Workers are ungrateful.
Think of other reasons with your “team” why wages cannot be doubled.
Role C – Local government mediator
You have a lot of tea plantation shares. A long strike will hurt your pocket. Your sisters and cousins work 12 hours a day in the plantations. You want them to have more money. A long strike would damage the reputation of Darjeeling tea. You hate the tea plantation boss, who is very rich.
With your “team”, decide what you should do.
Role D – Tea drinker
You are outraged that plantation workers receive just one dollar a day. You hate greedy company owners. You will organize an international boycott of Darjeeling tea if wages are not doubled. You think management should receive a pay cut to allow workers a pay raise.
Think of other reasons with your “team” why wages should be doubled.

Before watching the next video read and translate lyrics Sting "Englishman In New York"

Watch and discuss Video 


Watch and discuss Video 4

1. What are your favorite winter beverages?
2. What role does coffee (or tea) play in your life? Please explain.
3. Share your secret hot tea/coffee recipe.
4. You warmed your hands around a steaming cup. Tell a story, please.
5. Which is better—coffee or tea? Why?

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