Wake up! It's party time! Are you rock? Come this Sunday at 12-00 to enjoy the company and english babbling on the "Party" topic.


Say your name,
Do you eat birthday cake at your birthday party? 

Watch and discuss Video 1


1. What do you like to do at parties?
2. Who do you invite to your parties?
3. What can people do at a party that will annoy you?
4. Would you rather go to someone else's house for a party or have it at yours? Why?
5. Do you play games at your party? If so, what games?
6. Did you ever have dance parties in your middle/high school?
7. What are some polite and impolite excuses to give for not going to a party? 

Watch and discuss Video 2

Activity 1

Planning a Party. Prepare a party for some special occasion

Where would you like to have the party?(Place)
Who is the party for?
Why are you throwing this party? (Reason)
What kind of people go to party? Obligatory guests? Guests of honor?
Will you send out invitations?
What time do you like for party to start or to end?
Describe music, food, decoration, dress code and entertainment.

Before watching the next video read and translate lyrics Fergie - A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Watch and discuss Video 3

Questions part 2

1. What are some parties that you are expected to bring gifts?
2. What do you need to think about if you are having a BBQ party outside?
3. What kind of decisions do you need to make when you plan a party?
4. Do you enjoy hosting parties at your house?
5. What are the characteristics of a good host?
6. What was the worst party you’ve ever been to? 


Watch and discuss Video 4

1. Describe the best party that you have been to. Why was it the best?
2. Have you ever been to a fancy dress / costume party?
3. Have you been to a party in another country? Was it different to parties in your country?
4. What do you think of children’s birthday parties?
5. What makes a good party good, for you?

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