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Let's make Saint-Petersburg great again

Ready or not, here we come! Join us this Sunday on the 29th of April at 12-00 to discuss our beautiful city. Be ready to come up with new projects that will improve city facilities and help citizens in everyday life. Also we are going to discuss some disadvantages, so be prepared for criticism and debates. Let's make Saint-Petersburg great again!


Introduction  Say  your  name,      Why  do  love  living  in  St.  Petersburg? 

Watch and discuss Video 1

Cities problems Vocabulary List & Definitions




air pollution

urban sprawl

the way a city spreads into undeveloped land around it, often without planning permission


move from one place to another


the basic facilities a town or city needs, for example: communication, transport, water, and electricity

traffic congestion

a condition on road networks that occurs as use increases, and is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing (образование очередей)

quality of life

the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group


the process of traveling some distance to work, usually from villages and suburbs into the central areas of a town or city

public transport

buses, trains, subways, and other forms of transportation that charge set fares, run on fixed routes, and are available to the public.

in the suburbs

the outer area of large towns and cities where people live

residential area

an area where people live

Watch and discuss Video 2

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Activity 1 - Solving city problems

There is St. Petersburg annual press-conference for all citizens.
Your team should make and present the project solving the huge problem.
You team has 35 minutes to think about and create the project on paper. Use given materials for support.
For each project:
1. Create a project name and present your logo
2. Describe current situation and define the root causes
3. Present a roadmap and define the key features of your project
Conditions: budget is unlimited, time fome realisation is unlimited, solution has to be global.
Vote in the positions: 1) architecture 2) lawyer 3) representative of the public 4) investor 5) PR manager inside your team.

PROBLEM 1 - Traffic congestion

• Provide Exclusive Lanes for Public Transport
• Use Regulations and Traffic Engineering to Control Traffic
• Use Innovative Ideas to Reduce Traffic Impacts on Public Transport like Autonomous Vehicle Technology
• Tracking Pedestrian Traffic
• Car Sharing and Multi-modal Solutions
• Replacing Vehicles with Drones
• Laws and Regulations
• Flexible Work Hours
1: What are some of the challenges facing towns and cities?
2: I suppose traffic congestion is a major problem … and the growth in out-of-town supermarkets and retail parks mean lots of town centre shops are closing down … plus a shortage of good quality housing … I think these are the major challenges …
Urban planning and design
City planning and urban design practices can have a huge impact on levels of future traffic congestion, though they are of limited relevance for short-term change.
• Zoning laws that encourage mixed-use development, which reduces distances between residential, commercial, retail, and recreational destinations (and encourage cycling and walking)
• Carfree cities, car-light cities, and eco-cities designed to eliminate the need to travel by car for most inhabitants.[20][21]
• Transit-oriented development are residential and commercial areas designed to maximize access to public transport by providing a transit station or stop (train station, metro station, tram stop, or bus stop).

PROBLEM 2 - City pollution

• Use of Renewable or Green Energy Sources
• Cleaning Smokestacks and Exhaust Pipes
• Laws and Regulations
• Raising Awareness Through Campaigns and Advocacy
• Use Public Transportation: Use your vehicle a lot less often. Carpool and rideshare when you have the ability to do so and consider using public transportation instead of walking; that way, you aren’t contributing to all of the issues that the air is already dealing with before adding your car to the mix.
• Buy Energy Efficient Vehicles: Buy vehicles and other items that are helpful to the environment. There are so many options that you have now that are either efficient on gas or they are hybrids, so you don’t have to worry about them putting additional gas and pollution into the atmosphere. If you’re looking for a new car, go energy efficient if you can.
• Always Use Recyclable Products: Always use recyclable products if you have access to them and the ability to choose them. They take less power to make than other products.
• Choose Products With Minimal Packaging: When it comes to buying items from outside, consider buying those with minimal packaging and are reusable. Even if they are packaged, try to buy the one with least packaging.
• Quit Smoking: Quit smoking and encourage those around you to do the same. The smoke is terrible for you and for the air quality around you as well.
• Buy Rechargeable Batteries: Every year billions of batteries are sold and then disposed off after use. Buy a charger and few sets of rechargeable batteries and that should pay off in no time.
• Join an Environmental Group: In case you are willing to contribute towards growing pollution in your area, consider joining any environmental group. You can meet people, sues and share ideas on what you can do about it. Spread the work and ask to join in this noble cause. 

Watch and discuss Video 5


1. What aspects of life in the city (Spb) would you complain about?
2. Would you prefer to live in a really old historical city, or a really new modern city? Why?
3. Would you enjoy designing a new city? Tell us about it.
4. How will St. Petersburg in the future be different from those today? Use your imagination.

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