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Mass Media and News Production - part 1

Are you ready to become a journalist? This time we are going to release a few news stories and reports. We have various of tasks to discuss mass media and news production. So, come this Sunday at 12:00, and we will release our news paper and create a few funny reports together!


Say your name,
What’s new?

Watch and discuss Video 1


1. How important is keeping up to date with the news to you?

2. Do you think news is usually happy or sad?

3. Do you prefer to watch, listen to or read about news?

4. What areas of the world are you most interested in?

5. Who is your favorite media personality?

6. Do you trust everything you read, see or hear on the news?

7. What was the last piece of good news you heard?

8. What is your favorite news programme?

9. What’s the most tragic news you’ve seen on TV?

Watch and discuss Video 2

10. Would you like to work as a newscaster or a news reporter?

11. Do you think news programmes should include
Hollywood/celebrity stories and gossip?

12. Should news be more entertaining or informative?

13. How much time do you spend discussing current
events with friends and colleagues?

14. Why do you think that news is censored in some countries?

15. What was the biggest news story for you in 2016? Why?

16. Are celebrity stories really news? If not, why?
If so, please give an example.

17. Has there ever been a story that was not covered,
or was not covered enough in the media? 

Watch and discuss Video 3

Activity 1

Think of a news story from your lifetime. One from the current month, one from any period. Then, in group chose one story to tell, help each other to make your story sounds as news. Stand up and report that to other members of the club. Use questions on the board to prepare the information:

• What news story have you chosen?
• When did it happen?
• What happened?
• Where were you when you heard the news?
• How did you find out? 

Watch and discuss Video 4


1. Should the media just report the facts or should the media
interpret the facts?

2. How has the media changed in Russia during the last 20 years?

3. How has technology affected the way we receive news?

4. Now anyone can be a journalist. Is this a good or bad thing? Why?

5. How will people get their news in the future? 


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