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Movie discussion: Toy Story (1995)

This is the time to share good memories about our toys and childhood! Do you remember your favorite toy? This Sunday at 12:00 we are going to watch and discuss a few episodes from an amazing cartoon "Toy Story"! Come and join us!


Say your name,
What was your favorite toy? 

Here is the script for the following episodes 

Episode 1

4:05 – 8:35

1) What was the agenda on Woody’s meeting?

2) Why toys were worried about Andy’s birthday party?

3) What was the reason to move Andy’s birthday party?

Episode 2


5) Where did the toys come from?

6) What do you think space rangers really do?

7) What was wrong with the Buzz flying?


Episode 3


8) Why did Buzz and Woody go to the Pizza Planet?

9) Why did Buzz refuse to go in the back of the car?

10) How did toys manage to go inside of a Pizza Planet? 

Episode 4

57:23 – 1:01:01

11) Why is Being a toy better than being a Space Ranger?

12) Why was Woody upset?


1) Nowadays kids spend time in front of PC or tablets instead of playing with toys. Is it a positive or negative tendency?

2) Do children today have too many toys?

3) How are today’s toys compared with those you played with as a child? Do you think the evolution of toys has helped or harmed kids?

4) If you could be a toy, what would you be?

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