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Travel and Adventure

The topic is "Travel and Adventure". This time we have prepared a really special video and other exciting activities!


Say your name,
Do you prefer summer vacations or winter vacations?

Watch and discuss Video 1


1) How many countries have you been to? How many cities?

2) Do you prefer active or relaxing holidays? Why?

3) Have you ever taken a package tour? If so, tell us about it.

Watch and discuss Video 2

Activity 1

Look at those pictures and describe the travelers. What do you think motivates them to travel? Find more exiciting materials on travelobservers.com.

Traveler 1

Traveler 2

Read additional materials and discuss pictures again.


4) What countries would you most like to visit?

5) If you could choose one place to go this weekend, where would it be?

6) What is the most beautiful place you have ever been to?

7) Would you like to go travelling for a few years non-stop?

8) Would you like to travel in space or to the Moon?

9) Do you try to learn some of the local language before you travel to a new country? What phrases do you try to learn?

Watch and discuss Video 3

Watch and discuss Video 4

Have you ever been in a difficult situation while traveling? 


1) What is the longest trip you have taken?

2) Do you like to travel with children? Why or why not?

3) Would you like to work in the travel industry?

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