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Appearances and Clothes

 Our topic is "Appearances and Clothes". Videos, special tasks and good company are waiting for you.


Say your name,
How do you think you look today?

Watch and discuss Video 1


1) What things do you first notice about someone's appearance?

2) How are people's appearances today different from 100 year ago?

3) What could you do to improve your appearance? 

4) What do clothes tell people about our personalities?

5) Is there an item of clothing you couldn’t live without? Why?

6) What accessories do men wear/carry? 

7) What is your favorite color to wear? How many items of clothing do you have in this color?

8) What is charisma? Do you know any charismatic people?

9) What do you think of people who dye their hair green? 

Watch and discuss Video 2


In small groups: two people should stay back to back and describe each other appearances and clothes. Other person should count the right answers. Use vocabulary

Watch and discuss Video 3 

Watch and discuss Video 4

Watch and discuss Video 5


1) What fashions that you see today do you think will be out of fashion within two years?

2) How do you define beauty, using your own words?

3) When and where did you buy an article of clothing you're wearing right now? Why did you choose it?

4) Do you think there's a difference between" fashion" and "style" ? What kind of clothes are in fashion now?

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