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Job and office work

Are you tired at work after a long New Year holidays? Do you believe that work is a boring topic to talk about, don't you? This time we will have an exciting discussion about “Job and office work”.


Say your name, 

How many hours a week do you work (study)?

Watch and discuss Video 


1) What is it like to be out of work?

2) What kind of job do you want to get in the future? What kind of tasks will you have to do?

3) How long do you want to work? 

4) Will you ever become a millionaire by working?

5) Someone said work is for horses and idiots, do you agree? Why?

6) What company is the best to work for? 

7) What do you think about office romances? Is it unwise to get romantically involved with a co-worker?

8) Is it better to be a boss or an employee? Why?

9) Are you a hard worker? What motivates you to work?

Watch and discuss Video 2


• self-motivated (adjective): able to be hardworking and face tasks without anyone's influence
- Our teacher taught us how to be self motivated in anything we do
• uniform (noun): a set of clothes that you wear to show that you are part of a particular organization or school
- He was still wearing his school uniform.
• bow tie (noun) a narrow piece of cloth that a man puts around his collar and ties into a bow, usually for special occasions
- He was dressed all in black with a dark green bow tie.
time off (noun) time when you are not at work or at school
• take/have time off:
- I think I’ll take some time off next week. 

Listening exercise

1) Listen to audio and fill the gaps 2 ) Play Office Space ESL Debate game

Script, audio and questions download here.

Watch and discuss Video 

Watch and discuss Video 


1) Why do we have to work?

2) If you had your own company, what type of policies, dress code, workspace, etc would you have?

3) If you could do one job, just for one day to learn what it is like, what would you do?

4) What would life be like if we did not have to work?

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