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This Sunday on the 15th of January at 12-00 we will continue our weekly meetings. This time we are going to discuss Healthy lifestyle. So, eat a healthy breakfast at home and join our exciting event! Many terrifying videos and other useful materials are waiting for you ;)


Say your name,
Have you ever stopped doing something for your health? 

Watch and discuss Video 


1) Do you do anything to stay healthy?

2) What are the health risks associated with your lifestyle and environment?

3) What are the best and worst jobs for your health? 

4) Is it possible to have a healthy life style in modern world?

Watch and discuss Video 2

5) Do you think it is more important for you to eat healthy or tasty food?

6) Have you ever tried to go on a diet? What kind of diet was it? Did it work? 

7) Is obesity a great problem in where you live?

8) Is physical activity (jogging, going to a gym, swimming pool) an important part of a healthy life style? What activity do you prefer to do?

9) What is your attitude to smoking? 

Listening exercise

Listen to audio and fill the gaps.

Script Audio and questions download here.

 Vocabulary for Listening exercise

• abandon (verb): in this case, "give up" the idea
- They had to abandon the plan to build a house due to a financial crisis.
• out of shape (idiom): in poor physical condition
- I have to start exercising because I'm so out of shape.
• cut back on (phrasal verb): to reduce
- I have to cut back on the fatty foods I've been eating.
• take up (phrasal verb): begin or start
- He has decided to take up cooking in his spare time.
• cardiovascular system (noun): your body`s blood circulation system including your heart, veins, and arteries
- Running at least 30 minutes a day helps improve your cardiovascular system.

Watch and discuss Video 


Watch and discuss Video 4

1) Who are the healthiest people in the world and why are they so healthy?

2) What is healthy food / eating habits? Give your advice.

3) Is there any connection between the person's style of life and the duration of his life? Give an example.

4) What are the most efficient ways to lose weight? 

Useful videos





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