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Say your name, 

Have you ever donated blood? 

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feeling in your body when you have been hurt or when you are ill, sick

•Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her neck, shoulder, waist, arm, leg, stomach.

•Take an aspirin to relieve the pain. 


define what an illness or the cause of a problem is

•The blood test is used to diagnose all kinds of diseases.

•She was diagnosed (as) (a) diabetic in her early childhood. 


an allergic reaction which makes your skin go red

• "When she used the soap her skin came out in a rash." 


a substance that you drink or swallow so as to cure an illness

•You look so pale. Haven’t you taken your medicine this morning?

•The doctor prescribed three kinds of medicine for me. 


an official piece of paper filled out by a doctor with which you can get medicine from a chemist’s shop

•Unfortunately, the doctor forgot to sign the prescription and so the chemist refused to give me the medicine. 

•Keep this prescription even though you don’t need the medicine now; you may need it later.  


a medical condition in which someone has a temperature that is higher than normal; a particular type of disease with high temperature

•Did you take aspirin to reduce the fever?

•Our daughter has been diagnosed with scarlet fever. 

Unconscious (adj)

alive, but appearing to be asleep and unaware of the surroundings

•I hit my head on the steering wheel and was still unconscious when the ambulance arrived. 


give medical care or attention to somebody or something; deal with something or somebody

•I was treated for flu, but later I was diagnosed with pneumonia.

•This illness is usually treated with antibiotics and a strict diet.. 

pharmacy, drugstore (noun), chemist’s (shop) (Br)

a place where people go to buy medication and other medical supplies

•You should be able to buy a bandage at the pharmacy. 


become healthy again; make something, somebody healthy again, make somebody feel happy again

•As I see it will take a long time for your wounds to heal.

•This ointment will help to heal your scratches.

•The tea you made really healed me.


List of words









•pharmacy, drugstore chemist’s




1)Does medicine always work for you?

2)Do you have any side effects after you take medicine?

3)Would you ever buy medicine online?

4)Do you think that one day, there’ll be medicine to cure all illnesses?

5)Do you consider yourself to be healthy? Why?

6)Is laughter the best medicine?

7)Do you think medicine weakens your body’s immune system?

8)In what circumstances should traditional or alternative medicine be used?

9)‘Food is the best medicine.’ Do you agree or disagree?

10)How has medicine changed in the past hundred years?

11)Do you go for regular medical check-ups?

12)What do you think the next revolution in medicine will be?

13)How do you feel about surgery? Would you consider having surgery that isn’t completely necessary, like plastic surgery?

14)If you could find out that you were at risk to get a certain disease, would you want to know?

15)Do you prefer male or female doctors?

16)If you were a doctor, which area would you like to specialize in?



1)What do you think is the most serious health problem in Russia? What should be done to overcome this?

2)What are the best ways to avoid getting sick?

3)How different would the world be without medicine?

4)What childhood memories do you have of doctors?




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