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Music is serious

Come this Sunday at 12-00 and have a lot of fun with us! Our topic is "Music is serious". Great discussion, special tasks, video and good company are waiting for you.


Say your name, 

Have you ever been to see your favorite musicians live? Were they as good as on the CD?

Useful video


1)Do you play music while you study, or work? If so, how do you concentrate on the other things?

2)Have you tastes in music changes a lot over the last five years? How?

3)Do you think music can heal sick people?

4)Is there any music you can’t stand? What is it, and why don’t you like it?

5)Do you think animals appreciate music?         Why (not)?

6)Does music have the power to change your mood? How does music affect you?

7)What movie has a very memorable soundtrack?

8)Where does the best music come from, the USA, UK or other?

9)How do you feel about your country’s traditional music?

10)Which do you prefer, songs in English or songs in your own language? 


1)With the increasing rise of downloading from the internet, what do you think the future of the music industry is?

2)Can you think of examples of music calming people or increasing their efficiency?

3)If you could be any musician in the world, who would you be and why?

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