Telephone call

How many times you were confused speaking English by telephone call? Let's clarify this topic together. Come this Sunday at 12-00, do useful tasks, watch video and have a good conversation.


Say your name, 

How many phone calls do you usually receive and make in one day?

Useful videos 


a Land Line

dialing tone (BrE), dial tone (AmE)

pick up

busy signal (AmE), engaged tone (BrE)

to Hang up

put (me) through to...

extension number 

who’s calling, please? 

hold the line [hold on] 

to make an appointment 


1)What cellphone company do you use? How long have you used that company?

2)Who is the youngest person you know who has a cell phone?

3)How long have you had a cell phone?

4)Could you live without your mobile phone?

5)When did you first get a cell phone?

6)Do you know how to use all the functions on your phone?

7)Does it ever bother you when people use their cell phones?

8)What was the most expensive phone call you ever made?

9)Have you ever lost your phone?

10)How can you find someone's telephone number on the Internet?

11)Have you ever dialed the wrong number?

12)Have you ever left a voice mail or a message on an answering machine?


1)Mobile phones can be seen as fashion statement, can this put pressure on you to renew your phone to the newest model?

2)How has communication changed through human history?

3)How have smart phones changed communication?

4)Use your imagination. How will people communicate in the future?

5)Use your imagination. If you could speak English fluently/freely, who would you call on the phone? And why?

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