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Movie discussion: Forrest Gump (1994)

Dear guests, we are waiting for you at 12-00 this Sunday to discuss one of the greatest movies in the world "Forrest Gump". We will watch a few episodes, do some activities and answer questions about the movie.
P.S. it will be the last meeting before the spring break.


Say your name,

Do you believe that miracles happen every day?

Episode 1 - Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

(Original movie 2:55 -5:26)


1) Why the lady didn't get a chocolate?

2) How would you explain: "life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get".

3) What could you tell about Forrest and a lady by their shoes?

I'll bet you can walk all day in shoes like that and never feel anything. A common way to say "I'm sure that..." His back is as crooked as a politician. A good play on words: "Crooked" can mean marked by bends or curves, but it also means corrupt and dishonest.


Episode 2 - Forest meets Jenny and run the fist time

(Original movie 12:25-17:24)


4) How did Forrest meet Jenny?

5) What did happen that helped Forrest learn to run?

6) What questions did Jenny ask Forrest?

7) Why should Forrest run away?

8) How fast could Forrest run?

It's funny what a young man recollects. A somewhat fancy word for "remember." My legs are just fine and dandy .A curious and somewhat old-fashioned expression meaning good, or well. "Stupid is as stupid does."An expression that became famous because of this movie. I think this is mama's way of saying "Just because you look stupid, you're not stupid unless you do stupid things." We was like peas and carrots. Forrest's way of saying "we went together well, and became best friends."

Episode 3 - Forest joins the Army

(Original movie 31:25-35:22)


9) Why did Forrest join the Army?

10) Why Bubba was so passionate about shrimp?

11) What was the reason for Sergeant not to promote Gump?

12) Why shrimp is the fruit of the sea?

13) Do you have a favorite sea food dish?

Episode 4

(Original movie 1:38:35 – 1:43:32)


1) Imagine what happened to the characters 5-10 years after the movie was over?

2) How would you describe Forrest to your friend? What are his best features? Does he have any bad ones?

3) Is Mrs. Gump a great mother? What makes a great mother?

4) Describe how running helped Forrest throughout his life.

 Movie episodes  

Episode 1 - Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Episode 2 - Forest meets Jenny and run the fist time

Episode 3 - Forest joins the Army 

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